Choose Decisions Cake On your Wedding Day

Not only does it have to be delicious, but your cake should be fabulous and match your reception, the general theme and colors. From the choice of its appearance to its size, we hope to help you have the perfect wedding cake with today’s tips.

First, find the perfect cake designer for your vision and we can help you! Visit our recommended cake suppliers for a fabulous search.

Find your taste…

Choose the flavors you want, not what you think your guests will love. Your marriage affects you as a couple, so you make your taste decisions based on what you like, or maybe a combination of flavors that means something to you. From classics like strawberry vanilla and exotic coconut lime cream to all the flavors in between, enjoy the taste and choose what you can’t do without!

Think about the environment in which your cake will settle. A single-level cupcake will look even smaller in a huge palace room. For a large marquee space, you should consider a larger cake so that it creates a drama. Remember that if you don’t need so many real cakes, you can ask your cake designer to create some of your dummy levels.

Approach your cake search with a budget in mind – just like we would recommend for all your wedding items. The price of your cake depends on a number of factors, including size, taste, decor and finishes. There is a lot of time and skills for creating magical wedding cakes, which are reflected in the price. It is best to have an honest conversation with your cake designer, who will be able to advise you on which options best suit your budget.

Final touch…

Think about how you are going to dress up your cake – do you want flowers, use a cloth drape on the table, have you chosen a topper-there are many decisions to make to create an unforgettable cake arrangement. If you employ a wedding stylist, you will have many ideas to show off your cake in the best way.

Don’t choose your cake design before you decide on the overall look of the day. Your wedding brings a lot of different elements together, so choosing the look and design of your cake too soon can cause problems. You will find it much easier to make decisions about your cake if you have already selected items such as flowers.

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