Guide To Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Do you know the difference between fit and flare and mermaid, or are the silhouettes of wedding dresses a secret for you? Before you start looking for your perfect wedding dress, it’s a great idea to know the silhouettes. Today we’ll walk you through the most popular silhouettes to make sure you make the most of each of your bridal dates.

Silhouette Trapeze

One of the most recognizable silhouettes, the line worked on almost all body types. This flattering and feminine style gathers while waiting and gently escapes to a beautiful wide skirt. The line worked wonderfully on pear-shaped and sinuous brides.

Silhouette of the prom shirt

Looking for a fairy princess dress, then this ball gown is for you. With drama, volume and a classic look, a prom shirt, as a rule, has a tight-fitting bodice, an accentuated waist and a loose skirt. This can work on most body types, but very complete prom SHIRT dresses can overwhelm little brides.

Slim and Flared silhouette

Tight-fitting and flared dresses are adjusted all over the body to the middle of the thigh, where they flare up, literally tight-fitting and flared! Ideal to emphasize a fabulous silhouette and a delicate waist, it will also fit and flare well on classic hourglass figures and little brides.

Mermaid Silhouette

Compared to a fitted and flared silhouette, the mermaid style clings to the body to the knee, where it spreads. It’s a great silhouette to show off your waist and hips and works perfectly on apple-shaped body types.

Column Silhouette

For brides looking for a cut-out silhouette, the column is the perfect choice. With an external shape flowing from the neckline to the floor, a columnar silhouette is suitable for brides with an athletic silhouette and usually has a high neckline.-

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