Lastest Wedding Trends Of This Year

Environmentally Friendly, Weddings

Here is a wedding trend for 2022 with which we can be on board. Couples who care about sustainability do things their own way! That means, instead of buying new home decor items, going paperless and sending digital dates and giving wedding gifts that won’t be thrown away afterward.

Unusual Wedding Dates

We see many couples choose the dates of the week and winter, in favor of the typical Summer weddings on Saturday! This means more availability of suppliers and a greater Chance that your guests are not already engaged for another wedding or event.

Interactive Dessert Experiences

Couples treat guests with flavors with meaning. We see beautiful cakes, dessert tables, candy buffets, Prosecco walls and donut walls with flavors that evoke memories. Couples share memories through a Dessert experience and they grow up!

Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

Bridgerton was released on Netflix in December 2020 and since then we’ve seen couples incorporate their favorites for period drama into their big day. 2022 wedding trends will see couples choosing spectacular wedding venues, finding creative ways to share literary quotes, making candles big and, of course, classic versions of pop songs!

Outdoor weddings

We welcome last year’s outdoor message and see more casual outdoor weddings. There will be marquees, with Vintage furniture brought outside, creating a whimsical and playful garden wedding atmosphere.

Child-friendly Wedding Activities

Couples include their own children as well as the children of their guests in their guest lists! And even more so, they find fun ways to entertain them so that parents can enjoy the festivities. This means a nanny service and creative and child-friendly wedding activities.

Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Romance meets comfort with this breathtaking wedding trend 2022! That’s why we’re here.

Unusual Enjoyment

We have always loved DJs and bands and they are here to stay! This time the couples have additional enjoyment to complement their band and DJ. We’re talking about beer Pong, bouncy castles, temporary tattoos, Selfie mirrors, live art and silent nightclubs!

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