Some Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Wear a non-white wedding dress

I wouldn’t blame you for the fact that brides wear white as a symbol of purity. The truth is that Queen Victoria popularized white wedding dresses at the time and the trend was somehow blocked! So, whether you are” pure ” or not, wear white if you like, or be bold and add color. You can opt for something less traditional, such as pink blush, champagne gold or gray. Or you could do anything like this bride!

Ask someone else to accompany you down the aisle

You could ask another important man in your life, like your brother, your best friend, your uncle or your grandfather. Your mom can be ready for the task, or you can go solo! There are many reasons why you may not want to include your dad in this part of the day of your wedding. In fact, we wrote a whole article about this. Read: Should my father accompany me down the aisle?

Give up the coated dessert

I’m a big fan of fancy desserts, but I’m also the first to say YES when I get a donut. I really like the idea of a donut wall and I’m sure your guests would too!

Include your friends in your bridal party

Who said that you should invite only your girlfriends to become bridesmaids? How about the bridesmaids or the bridesmaids? Take this opportunity to honor the friendships that make you who you are today, whether your best friends are men or women.

Mismatched ceremonial seats

I think the incongruous look is awesome, authentic and comfortable. Take a look at this configuration!

Ask your grandmother to be your flower girl

Feel free to skip the traditional flower girl thing if no little girl comes to mind to fulfill the role. Or even better, invite your grandmother to do the work! Is it so cute ?

Be creative with your wedding programs

I’m a bit passion with it, to be honest. Give up the formalities and create a wedding program that seems to be written by you!

Serve only the food you love

Hamburgers ? Yes, please! Pizza? You don’t have to ask me twice! Macaroni and cheese ? Damn yes! Who wouldn’t want these delicious treats at a wedding? No one I want to celebrate with!

Comfortable family-style seats

Your wedding must not only be beautiful, it must also be fun! Comfortable seating that resembles a relaxed family dinner is one way to break the ice and get your guests talking.

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