Some Tips for Grooms Speech

For some newlyweds, writing and giving their speech on their wedding day is a very scary prospect. And we get it! If public speaking is not your bag, it can be very, very scary to stand in front of your loved ones. One way to overcome the nerves is to be prepared. With our practical ideas you will be ready to give an excellent speech and a bonus, you will not forget anything!

1. Thanks to everyone!

Father and mother of the bride, guests, their own parents, the best man, the bridesmaids, the bailiffs and any other person who contributed to the wedding.

2. Do not do too long.

Ten minutes is more than enough! It’s the perfect time to pass all your points, but not so long that your guests get bored. If you are not too confident, a short two-minute speech is perfect.

3. Good start.

If you can put a smile on the face of your guests at the beginning of your speech, you are on a winner. Starting with some humor is always a good idea and will also help you relax.

4. Do not forget about the main purpose.

You just married the love of your life, and this should be the main point of your speech. Share specific memories and feelings rather than “he/she is nice.’

5. Finish with the perfect quote.

Leave your guests a quote that shows your feelings on the day of your wedding and for your future. Look at the authors and poets for the one who is talking to you.

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