Some Tips To Plan A Destination Wedding

The allure of a sunny wedding ceremony is very attractive to many Irish couples, and who can blame them! If you have been thinking about jumping on a plane to say that your message today will help you, a glimpse of what is involved in planning a wedding at the destination.

Choose a location

One of your first ports of call should be our weddings at the destination. Here you will find beautiful couples who have gone before and an incredible selection of suppliers and places in various beautiful destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

You should keep in mind that the destinations you are considering are safe and have everything you need. A charming little Spanish village might be attractive, but would it have enough accommodation, etc. to cater to your group. Keep up to date with travel restrictions in the area of your favorite places. In addition to accommodation options, think about your older guests or those who do not like to travel. Do you need planes, trains and cars to reach your destination?! It is best to facilitate the task of customers to make sure that they like to travel.

Consider another accommodation

Ask your guests to come to your wedding is exciting, but remember that it may not be accessible to everyone. Her sister with five children might not be able to stretch, her grandmother might not be comfortable with leaving Ireland. Be as flexible as possible and make sure that you can offer a range of accommodation prices at the destination of your choice.

Hire the professionals

Unless you know the local jargon and know the area well (most couples won’t!), do not try to plan your wedding abroad without engaging the professionals. A wedding planner is the obvious choice–see our FABULOUS bouquet here – they will help you plan every aspect of your day, from location to photographer and from flowers to cake. To make your life easier, choosing local providers will really save you a lot of headaches!

Visit in advance if you can

Some couples love to visit their destination before the date, if it is an option it is really a good idea. Make your planning and browse everything, like visiting the place and tasting food and wines, will help you make informed decisions.

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