Tips To Choose Wedding Seating For Your Guests

Happy Wedding Planning! Once you have invited all your guests and know who is coming, it’s time to plan your wedding date. How around everything in the world do you decide where everyone is going to sit? The last thing you want is to put guests with people you don’t know or to have an unpleasant situation where the guests with the story accidentally sit very close to each other. These scenarios are all easily avoidable by following our simple steps! Today we will guide you through an easy way to choose where your guests are sitting. We simplify wedding seats for you!

1. Who’s coming?

Before you start designing your wedding seats, you need to find out who is there. We have written a full article about creating your wedding guest list that you can read here.

2. Consider Your Table Shapes

Did you know that the size and shape of your table determine how many people can sit around it? You can fit more people around a rectangular or square table and it is easier for you to talk to each other. Round tables, on the other hand, are more traditional and offer more legroom. Think about what you want, what your place has to offer and how the tables in the room might fit together.

3. Think about who You Near you would like

The main table for you and your wedding party (and their Plus if there is room) is a nice way to recognize your role and keep your pets close to you throughout the day. Many couples also want their parents to sit at the head table (if their parents are annulment and you want them here, put them on opposite sides). Another possibility is that your wedding party will be among your guests, along with other people you know.

4. Organize Clients according to Groups

We think it’s a fabulous idea to place the guests as they know it. Start with a list of different groups (friends from school, friends from work, Friends from parents, etc.). You certainly don’t need to include everyone in the groups you belong to, but we strongly recommend that you put everyone with one or two people you know and get along with.

5. Dig the Table

On behalf of all individual guests everywhere, please stop creating a single table. If you want to secretly tie your Cousin to one of your work colleagues, be more discreet! While we’re at it, don’t put your only friend at a table full of couples. Find a way to creatively involve everyone in the seating plan without embarrassing them.

6. Where the Children are sitting

When inviting children to your wedding, think about a children’s table. This is a fantastic place to sit together, enjoy the Kids Active Packs, and allow your parents to have fun. Do not place your children too far from your parents (parents and children would prefer to be relatively close). If you invite only a few children, put them with your parents.

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