You Must Known About Wedding Thank You Cards

Writing your wedding thank you cards may seem like a big task, but we promise it’s not quite as daunting as it sounds. There are three key elements for wedding thank you cards:

  • Say ‘Thank you’
  • Name the Gift
  • Say something about the gift
  • It’s really so simple!

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed by the task of writing wedding thank you cards, we have collected some useful tips, tasks and some sample wording.

Tips for writing

Make a table: no, really, you will thank us after! Create a table when you create your guest list. Have a column for each guest’s name, address, the gift you received when you received it, the date you sent your card and a final column for notes.

Start soon: just about once you receive gifts, just write the note and send it. You’ll be grateful you don’t have an avalanche of thank-you cards you can send after the big day.

Create a system: before you tear up your gifts, remember how you will track which gift comes from which guest. Take out your table and try to be methodical in the way you open gifts and write down details. This way you will not confuse gifts and cards.

Batch Batch Batch: set aside every day an hour or two after work and just write your wedding thank you cards. The dosage will go faster!

Divide the task: writing wedding thank-you cards really should not be a person’s responsibility. Divide the List according to who knows which guests better.

Be specific: when you thank your guests, tell them something specific that you like about the gift or how you want to use it. It helps to keep the notes sincere and personal.

Wedding thank you card, Label

Write them by hand: this contributes to the feeling of sincerity! Even if your gift was sent digitally, try what you can to avoid digitally thanking guests.

Thank you: Personalize your thank you cards with the names on the wedding gift or card, even if you don’t know all the same parts. While we are at it, you should thank the guests, even if you did not give them a gift.

Be quick: Etiquette suggests sending thank-you cards within three months of the wedding date.

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